My Shopping

Places I have found my gear and good places to shop. - The world's biggest photography shop and more. - I've bought heaps off Ebay - Just make sure to use reputable sellers and PayPal. - a bit pricy but reputable and have a great return policy - I sell all my gear and buy a lot from Gumtree - local classifieds - Online and local stores are very good to deal with. Large range and very competitive prices. Watch for their 15% and rare 20% off everything sales. - Amazon is a recognised Canon dealer and also provides direct market services for reputable photo equipment suppliers and companies. - This online shopping site allows me to order things from across Thailand, and particularly Bangkok. The delivery prices and speed is very good and most places will provide Cash on Delivery. Very useful when I'm upcountry in my Thai studio and need something I can't buy locally - which is most things.

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