My Gear - Damien Richardson Photography

My Gear

The following is a list of the gear I currently use. 


Fuji X100S

I'd been following all the fuss about the X100,  I just had to know why.  Certainly a love and hate relationship for me. But totally worth it. Liberating. Sold all my Nikon kit soon after.

Fujifilm LH-100 Lens Hood and Adapter Ring

I know there's cheaper out there - bought with the camera so I could get some protection over that beautiful lens.

Silver 49mm Digital-Pro UV Haze MRC 010M Filter

Originally had a Kenko UV on the front. Being a big fan of the B+W filters I ordered this one from B&H - couldn't get the silver one in Australia. 

Sandisk 16 GB SDHC Memory Card Extreme Pro Class 10 UHS-I x 2

Bought with the B+W filter. Fastest at the time and with postage still half the price avail in Aust.

XX-Small Hoodie Lens Hood Cover

No need for lens cap - this cover fits snuggly over the lens hood.

Better Batt Fujifilm NP-95 Battery Replacement x 2

Fuji batteries are very expensive. I bought a couple of these from better batt - much cheaper. They seem to work as well as the original plus better batt provides a 400 day warranty and free next day shipping.

Toma black leather half case 

Nice leather case provides useful extra grip and a cut out in the bottom for access to battery and memory card. 

Black leather TP-09 camera strap

Didn't like the stiff fuji strap so I got one of these off ebay. Good quality and wearing in nicely.

Fuji X100 original

I bought an original X100 for sale on my work bulletin board. It's my back up camera and I was interested in how the Bayer sensor of the original would stack up against the X-trans. I have noticed some of the posterization that others have noted about with X100s Raw files in lightroom. The latest lightroom has corrected this issue significantly. So far I haven't noticed a significant difference between the cameras in good light. The s definitely does better in the low light stakes.

Neewer L-Plate and Grip LB-X100

Given the original X100 was more likely to see landscape photography I decided to buy an L-Plate grip off eBay. I'd love to say I got the Really Right Stuff version but the eBay copy is a very good economical second best. I improved the smooth anodized grip with a self adhesive sole grip from Footpetals. The texture is not unlike the skin of the x100. 

Gordy Hand Strap

Well, now I had an excuse to buy a Gordy hand strap. I ordered a long Russet Leather strap with Red wax string binding and integral russet leather bumper that arrived in a bit over 7 days to Australia. I softened the leather with some RM Williams leather conditioner and after little use it's become very comfortable. Combined with the L-Plate grip it's a refreshing change from the neck strap. I'm still not decided on what I like better. The neck strap is a little dorky if worn as a neck strap but very practical. Your hands are free when you need them. If I sling the neck strap across the body it looks less dorky but the raw leather side of the strap catches on my clothes when quickly swinging up the camera to shoot. The Gordy strap is very secure but a pain if you need your hand for something. Removing your hand quickly, even with the long version of the strap can be difficult at times. Particularly if your sweating a little. 

Canon 5D Mark II

Bought on eBay with fewer than 700 shots, this 5D was practically new. All original packaging and plastics. The camera would help keep my studio aspirations alive. 

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II

My first L lens. I had enjoyed the very different view I would get from the 12-24mm f/4 I had for my Nikon I had.  The widest I could achieve before this lens was 35mm with the x100. I decided I needed to find a wide angle for the Canon. This is a well regarded lens. Fast and quite sharp considering it's a wide angle. 

Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM

Canon's latest iteration of their 'nifty-fifty' bought for the 5D until funding was avail for an 85mm portrait lens.

Fitted with B+W 49mm 007 Clear Filter

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG

Actually thought I was bidding for and won the 85mm doh! - That said it is a beautiful lens and at 1.4 makes buttery dreamy portraits - getting the focus right at 1.4 is another matter.

Fitted with: B+W 77mm 007 Clear Nana-MC Filter

Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM

Classic portrait lens

LP1219 soft pouch

Fitted with B+W 58mm XS-Pro Nano 010 UV Haze Filter and ET-65III Lens Hood

Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro

Perfect for detail shots and product photography - particularly food. Boy this thing is sharp!!

LP1219 soft pouch and E-67 Generic Hood

BG-E6 Battery Grip

Came with the 5D in original packaging and as new.

Really Right Stuff BG-E6L L-Plate

I like the L-Plate I put on the original X100 and thought I'd get the original RRS plate for the 5D. Quite surprisingly the fit is not as good as I had hoped for this prestige brand. I've written to the company but not heard anything back as yet. 

LP-E6 battery x 2

Sandisk Ultra 16GB 50MB/s CompactFlash Card

Lexar Professional 16GB 1066x CompactFlash card

Boy, these CF cards are expensive!!!

Yashica Electro 35 GT 

This and the following two cameras were given to me by a friend of my wife. They belonged to her late husband and see knew I had a passion for photography and would appreciate them. The GT has seen a few rolls of film. The Electro being a range finder is somewhat challenging to focus, some of my shots have been less than ideal.

Yashica Electro 35

Polariod SX-70 Land Camera


Lowepro Munich 100 Video

This was the first case I bought for the X100s. Good size for just camera batts and memory.

Oroton Satchel with HORUSBENNU HD-211015 insert

Got this well worn satchel and threw in an insert from ebay. Really impressed with the quality of the insert. Perfect size for the satchel. I fit the x100 comfortably in one compartment and use the other for cleaning cloths, filters etc. The pockets on the satchel take my batteries and memory cards which I keep together in a small leather money bag.

Billingham Hadley Original in Khaki and Tan

I aways wanted a Billingham, so I saw this one going cheap on ebay and snapped it up. Perfect for street walking particularly in bad weather. I was always worried about the weather with the Oroton bag. Worries be gone. 

Billingham 206 in black

I picked this bag up to provide a house for my 'not yet acquired' X-PRO-2. Space for the lenses and somewhere to attach my tripod. Now waiting for details of the release.

Billingham 335 Safari in Khaki Nytex and Tan

Seems I can't stop at one. This beautiful bag had to be mine - bought on fleabay. Gracefully aged and with heaps of character. Will probably house my flash gear eventually. I did buy it to act as a nice fishing bag. Ironic really seeing that that is exactly how Billingham started.

Long Exposure/Tripod:

HOYA HMC ND400 49mm Filter

Nikon AR-3 Mech cable release

Sirui T-025x carbon fibre travel tripod

Manfrotto 075B - Studio geared tripod fitted with a Benro B3 Ball-head

Manfrotto ART055NAT - Tripod



Godox Wistro AD200 (ETTL strobe)

Godox V860ii-C (ETTL flash)

Godox XPRO-C trigger (for AD200/V860ii)

Fokon ND-200 200w monolight

Yongnuo YN-560 III flash x 2 (Manual flashes)

RF-603 C1 x 3 (One on the Fokon Monolight)

Yongnuo YN-560 TX (for Yongnuo flashes and triggers)

Sigma EM-140DG EO-ETTL Macro Ring Flash - Canon (incl 55mm and 58mm Adapter rings)


Eneloop AA XX batteries x 8

Eneloop AA x 4

Eneloop AAA x 4

Aldi LSD AA Redtop x 8; Yellow x 4

Aldi LSD AAA Redtop x 4

AccuPower IQ-328 Smart charger

Canon L6E6E x 2 - fitted with iPhone charger plugs (more convenient)


Manfrotto 12' light stands (made by Manfrotto for Wagners) x 2

Manfrotto 272 Background support (used with the above stands)

Westcott 10x18' Muslin Background - Sand - 2700

Manfrotto 13' light stand - (Made in China and bought in Bangkok) 

Manfrotto 345 Boom stand on casters

Manfrotto 5001B Nano light stand

Manfrotto 256BUAC safety locking light stand

Manfrotto 1052BAC 7' light stand

Manfrotto 1004BAC 12' light stand

Manfrotto Art 012B Backlight Stand

2.3m Evo travel light stand - folds to 50cm - Made for ImageMelbourne

Manfrotto Super clamp with stud

Manfrotto Magic Arm 143

Manfrotto flexible arm 237

Lastolite Reflector holder

Avenger D200 grip head

Gitzo CS5000 spigot

John Barry 8kg shot bag


Photek SMA1000 Shoe Mount Umbrella Adapter

Phottix Varos II BG Shoe mount umbrella adapter

Phottix Varos II Mini Shoe mount umbrella adapter

Generic double L-Plate adapter x 2 (for horizontal mounting of the speedlights)

Stroboframe accessory shoe x 3

Generic 105cm shoot through white umbrella

Generic 85cm shoot through white umbrella

Fokon 105cm shoot through white umbrella

Westcott 32" shoot through white umbrella

Westcott 38" shoot through white umbrella

Hobo lighting 64" Silver/Black Parabolic Umbrella and 60" Photek Softlighter diffusion cover

Fokon FSB-68 60x80cm Softbox

Westcott 28" Apollo Softbox

Godox 50x70cm Portable softbox and grid - Perfect hairlight - and surprisingly good quality!!

Photek 46" Softlighter II with the Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit

Rogue Flash Grid 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid System with gels

12 Lee gels and velcro tabs for speedlight

110cm generic folding 3 way reflector

Backdrops and Props

Paper Black seamless 9'

Paper black seamless 7'

Westcott 10x18' Muslin - Sand 2700

Generic - Blue satin 6x9'

10x10' Warm grey canvas

10x10' Light grey (garage floor) drapeable canvas

10x10' White cotton muslin

3x9' double sided canvas -  Distressed medium grey/distressed white plaster

12x9' green screen

3x9' grey venetian blind


Generic gadget bag for flash, batteries, charging and cleaning equipment

Ball bungees x 6

Ping pong balls x 2 (for ends of umbrella shafts)


Giottos rocket blower and cleaning brush

 Giottos retractable cleaning brush

B&W filter cleaning solution

Mikros ultra micro fibre cloths x 10


Apple 13" Macbook Mid 2010 model with 8 GB Ram

Dell U2311H External display

Lacie 500g Rugged Triple External Hard drive

Wacom Intuos pro medium tablet